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Thursday, 7 July 2016

India Relief Map Model out of Cotton Fibres

I'm very thankful to Jyotshna & Sandhya for sending me the photographs of India Relief Map  Model made simply out of cotton fibres in an artistic and appealing way. It's not only the educating model for students but also the proof of creativity and dexterity of the two sisters. They describe the procedure of making as follows:

1) Draw the outline map of India  on a card board with clear demarcation of mountains,  plateaus & ghats
2) Stick cotton fibres onto the outline map with boiled slurry of starch according to the relative heights of different physical features
3) The Western and the Eastern Ghats are portrayed well with thick mats of cotton fibres on either side of the plateau

4) Likewise white cotton fibres are spread and stuck as differently elevated cushiony units for depicting the Himalayas as the snow laden mountains in the north. Plateaus too are attempted.
5) Let the whole set up dry for a while
6) Ghats, plateaus and rivers are coloured differently as distinct features
I wish other students too to follow the suit in making such models during leisure hours!