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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Fabric Painting Craft

Craft is an artistic skill to make things by hand. Mixing of colours on a white cloth gives an attractive look to the fabric. Cloth painting is done by using fevicryl paints to give unique design to the cloth. Reddy Theerthani (Parents: M Seema Rani & M Ravindranath Reddy) explains how she has created the following design.

"I have taken a cloth of 10 cm X 10 cm. I have stitched around it. I have taken a paint brush and drawn a design. Then I have slightly rubbed over the wet paint with a sponge and a toothbrush.  The paint has spread to give light and dark shades. I have decorated it with fevicryl colours and kundans"

Though Reddy is a novice to this art she enjoys it doing. The kind of creative temper in her is fascinating.  She would like to continue this kind of creative things whenever she gets leisure time. Thanks to her efforts.