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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Creative to Click Photos

We can imagine the world without going around it. We can dream of the cosmic world without peeping into it. But we can neither imagine nor dream of the creative instincts hidden deep in the young minds.

I've got a few photos from Mr. Prem Das. The images are an exemplification of the imagination of his younger daughter,  Swetha. I am amazed to see her imagination in her images. I already published some of her works titled "Swetha's Budding Creativity", a few weeks back. She's got a lot of appreciation from different circles. And she's still getting.

She's written a caption about these photo. "In the morning the Sun is in my hands,  in the evening the Moon can be in my hands.  When will be the Earth too?" What could be her aspirations, one has to guess?
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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Swetha's Budding Creativity

A few years back it happened to me to visit Mr. Premdas who is my colleague and friend. He showed some of the beautiful drawings,  paintings and crafts done by his two daughters. Till then I hadn't known of their creativity. They get a lot of guidance from her dad who is also an artist. Her mother Mrs. Sajitha too is encouraging.  The younger daughter, Swetha who is now studying 6th class, never feels leisure either at school or at home. Whenever she gets free time she thinks of doing something creative. Her dad has now sent me some images depicting her budding talent.