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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Quilling - Floral Designs from Scrap Paper

Children can create marvellous things even out of scrap paper, what we call this art form "quilling" or "paper filigree". It's an age-old art form. Give them some space, time and opportunity they prove it. They have many creative thoughts but not sufficient encouragement and patronage to go ahead.

Afrin who is now studying 7th class showed me a small card with a beautiful design on it. First of all I thought that that's a design fabricated from some plastic material. When I touched it, it seemed to be some paper. She also agreed that she had created it out of scrap or quilling paper.

I asked her to explain how she had done it. She said that she had taken a card paper and cut it into a rectangular shape. She kept it aside. She cut quilling papers of different colours into narrow strips of varying lengths. She curled, looped, rolled, and twisted the paper into variable shapes and sizes. Some strips were linearly stuck  to the sheet as the stems of the twig. Circularly rolled papers or coils were decorated as flowers, elliptical ones as leaves and so on. She stuck kundans  here and there to give a striking apppearance. The finishing job was done by pinching, tweezing and by using a good quality glue available in the market. Thanks for the creative job!

She along with Aswitha and Puja has created many more models like earrings or drops earrings and pendants. They would like to use them for making attractive greeting cards,  or as gifts to their friends.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Swetha's Budding Creativity

A few years back it happened to me to visit Mr. Premdas who is my colleague and friend. He showed some of the beautiful drawings,  paintings and crafts done by his two daughters. Till then I hadn't known of their creativity. They get a lot of guidance from her dad who is also an artist. Her mother Mrs. Sajitha too is encouraging.  The younger daughter, Swetha who is now studying 6th class, never feels leisure either at school or at home. Whenever she gets free time she thinks of doing something creative. Her dad has now sent me some images depicting her budding talent.