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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Pencil Drawings

Abdul Rahman and Praneeth are of different talents. While the former one draws pictures the later one colours them. Such of two products have been sent to me recently. One is about the natural life and the other about the sweating life of a farmer. 

In the first drawing they compare the life of a baby deer with their own. They depict the freedom of a baby deer in pristine,  natural environments, far away from their polluted, noisy and ever-busy concrete jungles.
In the second drawing they try to explain how the farmer sacrifices his day to day happy living to make the consumers always content and happy.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Farmer, the Backbone of the World

We live in such a place that every family is either a farming family or the one with relatives engaged in farming activities. So naturally every child here is an observer of farming and its leader, the farmer. Children know the condition of farmers around them. They know how they get benefited from farmers. This all we can understand from a little poem written and a picture drawn by Keerthi,  9th class. The attitude she shows towards the farmer is heart-rending.

She writes that the farmer is one who has patience both to do hard work and also to bear losses due to indecisive prices, unknown and unpredicted disasters. But we all survive only because of these qualities possessed by the farmer. Thanks to her genuine perception! 

Wherever the fields
You are there my dear farmer!
Wherever you have stood
There has been a world full of food
You do hard work to make us grow
And to keep us healthy
You are the symbol of patience
You are the backbone of the World's  nations
You are the donor whatever be the price
You are the loser whenever the disaster strikes