Saturday, 2 April 2016

Zoo Park Model

It's a known fact that children love nature. They love nature full of green trees, colourful and fragrant flowers, singing birds and wandering animals all around. But children have no safe access to any wild jungle. They have only one choice to enjoy it a little bit by visiting some zoo park, that's also once a while when they get summer vacations. 

Their interest motivate them to create a model where they can dream of having all that natural grandeur.  Afrin and her youngerbrother Musharaf are not different from other children who love the nature to its fullest extent.

For the science fare at their school they planned to create a model for zoo. But it's a costly affair. But will-power showed a path to reduce the cost. They collected a few hundred ice-cream sticks,  thermocoal from packing material and colours to start their model.

They explain the procedure for creating this beautiful model of zoo hereunder.
" 1) We have collected about 400 ice-cream sticks
2) We have made the rectangular base by placing sticks side by side and one above the other in 12 layers by sticking them together with glue.
3) Above the base we raised a boundary wall on four sides and partition walls with sticks by piling and gluing them one above the other.
4) Likewise we have created 10 chambers for housing different kinds of plastic animals.

5) To make a little bit natural  we have put a thin layer of sand as the substratum for the tiny animals.
6) Created mini trees out of thermocoal and placed them along the pathways and in front.
7) We have prepared and placed 2 boards on either side of the entrance displaying  "WELCOME" and "VISIT AGAIN".
8) We have made and placed "NATIONAL ZOO PARK" arch over the entrance",