Sunday, 3 April 2016

QUIZ PROGRAMME by Sai Yasaswini

K Sai Yasaswini, 8th Class,  requested me to allow her conduct a small quiz contest between a group of boys and a group of girls. She was so enthusiatic and energetic that I could not say "no", but "yes".

She had stood up, and with my nod, moved forward to stand In front of the two groups with a piece of chalk and a duster to write the score of both the teams on the board. She started asking questions to both the teams in turns. She mixed both easy and difficult questions to satisfy slow learners and to confuse intelligent ones.

At the end it so happened that the score of both the teams became equal. To decide the winners she tossed a coin, the coin was in favour of the girls team. Some of the questions she asked are given hereunder.

1) By what cotton is made of?
2) Who was the first person to set foot on the Moon?
3) Give the name of a fish which can fly.
5) Which subject deals with the study of development of gardens?
6) Which country is called as "the land of the midnight Sun?"
7) Which language is used extensively on the internet?
8) Where is the Mt. Kilimanjaro located?
9) If FOX is coded as GHPQYZ then how is BOAT coded?
10) Which is the capital city of France?
Winners : Girls Group
Answers: 1) Cellulose; 2) Neil Armstrong;  3) Red fire fish; 4) Horticulture;  5) Norway; 6) English;  7) Tanzania; 8) CDPQBCUV; 9) Euro; 10) Paris