Sunday, 3 April 2016


Some children are borne genius.  They are gifted with the immense power of IQ and agility. If planning and systemic work is added to this inborn qualities the success will come in its own way.

Here's an example for conducting a quiz programme.  Quiz competitions are common, but the approach selected by this little quiz master is quite different.  He brought 4 slips with him with alphabets A, B, C & D. Out of these four, two slips had easy to answer questions and two with difficult to answer questions.  He asked both the groups to pick out any two slips out of the four. He put the slips folded separately. Each group had to pick out one slip from easy questionnaire and another from the difficult one.

His intention was that no one should be disappointed or depressed after participating in the contest. Atleast a few questions can be answered by all categories of children and get encouragement.  Thanks to this approach. But participants should worry and continue to acquire knowledge after facing some difficult questions.

Following questions were asked in the quiz programme:

1) Who is the missile man of India?
2) Which country has the highest Muslim population?
3) Where is the Dal Lake located?
4) Give the smallest number that can be expressed into 2 sums of 2 numbers.
5) Give the colours of rings in Olympic symbol in sequence.
6) You suppose that you have 59 cubes. What is the minimum number of cubes required to be taken out to make a complete cubic block?
7) Who is the first woman leaders of Taiwan?
8) Name the first Indian to join ICS?
9) If a doctor gives 6 pills and asks to take each pill every half an hour.  How much time it would take all the 6 pills?
10) If a man takes 3 minutes to eat 6 apples, how much time it takes for 4 men to eat 12 apples?
11) If a man can carry 3 bottles at a time, how many trips he has to make to carry 11 bottles to the shop that is 10 M away from his home?
12) When did Tsunami attack Japan recently?
13) Why is it easy to swim in sea rather than in a river?
14) Which is the first zoo of the World?
15) How many capital cities are there in India?
16) Which Indian got the first Nobel Prize?
17) Expand KFC.
18) Which is the capital city of Belgium?
Winners: Boys group

Answers :
1) APJ Abdul Kalam; 2) Indonesia; 3) Kashmir;  4) Ramanujan number 10 cube 19 cube; 5) blue, yellow, black, green, red; 6) 32; 7) Tsai Ing-wen; 8) Satyendranath Tagore; 9) 2 hours 30 minute; 10) 9 minutes; 11) 4 trips; 12) March 11, 2011; 13) Sea water has more density than river water; 14) Schonbrunn, Vienna; 15) 27; 16) CV Raman; 17) Kentucky Fried Chicken;  18) Brussels