Sunday, 20 March 2016

Brightstars Scope

It's a very amazing and interesting that a few students from 8th and 9th classes had met and requested me to convene a meeting as an opportunity to widen the scope of their learning process. I had no other choice but to accept their humble request.
As per my promise I went to the school and found that hardly one or two students were there. Anyhow after a while a few more students joined them. Atlast the programme began. They asked me, "What should we do now, Sir?". I told them to be divided into two groups and discuss whatever the topics they would like to talk, but in English only.
I was a mere passive spectator. The students seemed to be discussing a lot. They finally came up with some points noted on a paper. I was amazed to find that they had prepared a long list of points indicating their scope; as a future strategy to enhance their skills in a myriad of fields, besides academic studies.

The scope of our Bright Stars is as follows:

1) Perpetual efforts to improve English conversation skills at home, on the way to school and in school.
2) To prepare and conduct quiz competitions on English and General Knowledge
3) To conduct  essay writing, elocution and drawing  competitions
4) To conduct debates on burning topics or current issues
5) To prepare weekly posters
6) To have mock conversations and interviews
7) To prepare ans show power point presentations
8) To publish creative drawings, pictures, interesting photos and crafts on my blog
9) To have problem, brain-teaser or riddle solving sessions
10) To present a review of important weekly or fortnightly news items along with some strange facts


Sai Rupesh (9th Std)
S. Muni Dhanush (9th Std)
R. Mohith Kumar (9th Std)
A. Kushaal (9th Std)
S. Fareeda (9th Std)
P. Bhargavi (9th Std)
Sandhya (8th Std)
Thaswin (8th Std)
Reddy Yamini (8th Std)
Varshitha (8th Std)
Nishitha (8th Std)
Laxmi Prasanna (8th Std)
I am very thankful to these students to give me the opportunity of heading their meet.