Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My Dear Life

Children seem to have a lot of value towards their lives. This I have come to know from K. Jyothsna, daughter of Smt. K. Padmaja & Sri K. Nagamohan Redy. She is now studying 9th class. She has expressed her inner voice in the form of a light poem but with a strong opinion. She says that nothing is dearer than her life to her. Money is not greater than her life. Even respect needs a life to be observed.


Hist! Listen to me ....
Life is so dear to me!
Is there anything better  to me?
More than that of my life to me
It's great that's my good fate
It's precious and so gracious
Nothing is greater than my life to me
That's how my life is to me
I give so much respect to my  life
That's how I get respect throughout my life
Money is merely a medium of exchange
I can't exchange it for my life
My life is the ray of hope for me
Spreading its rays through out is must for me